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The New 2021 Season is Here!

Live Events

Sept 17 & 18
Tickets to the Ballroom Dance Competitions:                      Love Thy Neighbor                 AC PAW                  COGNiTiON

Nov 5 & 6
Tickets to Lip Sync Competitions:                      Love Thy Neighbor               AC PAW                  COGNiTiON

Virtual Events

Oct 1,2, 3, 22, 23, 24
Ballroom Dance Competition

Nov 19,20, 21, Dec 3, 4, 5
Lip Sync Show

SwingShift and the Stars (SATS), an entity of, 501C3 nonprofit, Community Impact Partners (CIP) has been producing this popular event series since 2008. Based on friendly competition and tons of fun, SATS teaches nonprofits in Northern MI. how to be stronger fund, awareness raising and relationship building organizations. By assisting them in the development of donor relations, media partnerships, community impact and volunteer growth, our training and support programs provide education, tools and encouragement to bolster nonprofit’s sustainability to better serve our region.

Thank You to our season sponsors!