High Impact Pro”Duck”tions

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By: Leslie Haskin

To start, it wasn’t a great day. I wasn’t in the best of moods. I was in the frame of mind where I just wanted to go to my office, close the door and not be bothered. I know you’ve had days like that.   I gathered my work supplies to head to the office on a “floating holiday” to push through contracts and work I was behind on–due to my own lack of concentration during the summer days preceding July 3rd.   I had a standing offer to go to my boss’s cottage on the lake and put some work hours in with her, but I was hesitant because most of our time is spent in laughter and I needed to be productive. Plus, I didn’t really want to be around laughter this day. What can I say, every once in a while I get in a “fowl” mood.

The tugging of being with my friend won, and I decided to turn the car towards the water. As I walked into the cottage, I found my boss and best friend, Judy, standing on her dock. I wondered what she was doing, but didn’t think much of it. I set up my computer, grabbed some water and put my nose to the grind. Judy came inside, greeted me, and stated, “My husband told me I have to keep the ducks off the dock today. He said, if they get on it, just chase them away and after a few times they will learn to not come up anymore.”

Pro’duck’tivity ensued. I made my checklist and was just about to cross off my first task when Judy got up, ran outside and chased with fervor the ducks from the dock. It was quite a site. Imagine your boss with the same determination in landing a large sponsor, donor, or account, chasing waterfowl. Not just chasing waterfowl, but pointing, reprimanding and drawing a virtual line in the sand to say ‘I am queen of this dock, you will not take residence on my watch!’

Now, imagine this the 2nd, 3rd…10th…15th time and you’ll begin to start adding your own sound effects. I start hearing her squeaky webbed feet running down the grass. I hear her quack “QUACK QUACK QUACK QUACK QUACK” at the duck leader. I even think I see feathers ruffling as she takes her stance against momma duck. Judy gets sneakier. She begins to move stealthily with the prowess of a tiger about to lunge for the kill. She does NOT give up. She is in it, to absolutely win it.

It’s amazing how quickly my foul mood was replaced with aspiration and appreciation for the woman who sat next to me. She won. She took on the determined ducks and she won!

Of course I filmed almost all of the encounters of the duck chasing. Of course I made a video to document this day. I also crossed off all of my check marks that I needed to accomplish. You certainly could say it was highly pro”duck”tive, but the best part? This day reminded me that no matter what the challenge, whether work related, friendship related or in waterfowl games, my boss is the most determined, relentless and successful woman I know. I am one heck of a lucky duck to have this charismatic, fight-for-what’s-right, and never give up woman for a boss, but even luckier to have her as a best friend. I wonder what she’ll hatch up next for High Impact Productions!?! I’m not sure, but I can’t wait to be by her side finding out!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this voyage blog by High Impact Pro”duck”tions!

Duck Games Video Footage