• Bethany/Centenial

    Bethany is a global nonprofit dedicated to helping families thrive. Our core services include pregnancy counseling, adoption, foster care, refugee services, and strengthening families through family preservation. Internationally, we partner with several countries to support people, right where they are. At Bethany, we go to the ends of the earth to ensure families are connected, healthy, and together.

    Centennial Wealth is a registered investment advisory firm that works predominantly with soon to be retired or retired people. They also have a TV show called Retiring Well that airs on local TV stations. Larry Flynn, Senior Partner, has been a Financial Advisor for Centennial Wealth Advisory, LLC for the last 6 years.

    Penny Jean - Star

    Penny Jean is one half of Oh Brother Big Sister, a musical duo from Grayling, MI. Penny and her husband Erich have five children at home and have fostered many more through the years. Penny and Erich own The Curator, a brand new gift and home decor boutique downtown Grayling. Penny is active in the foster and adoption community and continues to advocate for the rights of children in Michigan and has created a blog dedicated to helping others find a way to help as well.

    Rich Budek - Instructor

    Rich Budek moved to Traverse City in 2004. He has been dancing for years – ever since he picked it up on a vacation in Mexico and knew he just had to keep doing it! He was selected to the 2011 SwingShift and the Stars event. Rich is a founding member of The Traverse City Dance Club, which has been going for over 7 years now. He is blessed with three wonderful children, ages 34, 33 & 31; and 4 awesome grandkids, ages 2,4,14, and 15. Rich looks forward to this great opportunity to dance again for a great cause and to promote dancing in general.

    Larry Flynn - Lip Sync Star

    Larry Flynn, Senior Partner, Financial Advisor for Centennial Wealth Advisory, LLC for the last 6 years. Centennial Wealth is a registered investment advisory firm that works predominantly with soon to be retired or retired people. They also have a TV show called Retiring Well that airs on local TV stations. Previously Larry was owner of Bay Business Services, Inc. for over 25 years, a tax and accounting practice. Larry is a native of Traverse City, married to his wife Chris for over 32 years. They have 3 sons and 4 grandkids. Strong family ties are a cornerstone to Larry’s life and so is his passion for kids who have had theirs disrupted. Helping Bethany Christian Services help kids make it through these difficult times is very rewarding. Agreeing to step out with his colleagues to dance for them was the least he could do.

    Judy Harrison - Lip Sync Coach

    Judy is excited to be coaching part of the lip sync battle this year!
  • Single MOMM / expresso Bay

    Since 2008 Single MOMM, a Traverse City based non-profit has ignited hope, healing and confidence in single mom families. They serve over 600 plus families annually in the Greater Grand Traverse area with mentorship, classes, event nights, resource networking, the reVIVE course, and a restorative residential program. Today they are known nationally as a leading expert in empowering women to support their own families.

    Espresso Bay at the corner of Front and Cass has been the heart of downtown Traverse City since 2003. New owners, Dan and Kara Guy, are proud to serve the people of Traverse City from the historic Milliken Building with cutting-edge coffee recipes and hand-roasted beans in their downtown roasting lounge. They specialize in small-batch roasted beans from all around the world, mochas, lattes, baychillers, smoothies, gelato, coffee pour overs and more! Espresso lovers will rejoice when they try the signature Golden Espresso (TM.) It's creamy, smooth, and best of all golden in color straight out of the machine.

    Ashley Nugent - Star

    Ashley is a wife and Mom who moonlights as an individual voice and piano teacher! She recently has taken on a new job as a music teacher at New Covenant Christian Academy in Honor. So grateful to have, in the last year, connected with the Single MOMM organization. When I read their core values and mission I felt very convicted that I needed to serve alongside this wonderful group of ladies! Excited to play my part in such a fun way! 

    Kellen Blackburn - Instructor

    22-year-old Kellen Blackburn has danced for many years. He has studied with the Dance Center, is the president for the board of TC Swing Club and has been in many musicals and dance performances! Currently, he is working with Habitat for Humanity and the Cherry Republic, satisfying his desire to help people! The main thing he is looking forward to this year in SwingShift is to see all of the charity's profit and to learn from all the other talented stars and instructors!

    Angie Pierce - Lip Sync Coach

    Angie is the owner of Nourish in Traverse City. She has been seen over the years as a dance instructor for SwingShift and the Stars and is excited for this fun role as Lip Sync Coach!
  • Spark

    Spark in the Dark is an online network for neighbors to directly help each other. Nearly 10,000 members strong, the group allows members to post a need--diapers, a refrigerator, or maybe help with a water bill--and connect with others in the community who can meet those needs. While individual members are the beating heart of spark, numerous organizations have joined the group as well, to connect with those who could use their services, and get a better pulse on needs in the area. In the past two years, the group has helped meet 25,000 needs, and that number grows each day, minute and second. 

    Black Diamond Broadcasting is a Michigan broadcast company, locally owned and operated. We work with local, regional, and national businesses, to create effective on air advertising campaigns with customized on air radio commercial messages, which are also presented to our listening audience through on-line streaming. Our unique consulting approach, coupled with choice products, is what delivers the return on your investment. Black Diamond Broadcasting will help you achieve results through our enormous geographical reach and the individual choices of our top ranked stations. Right Radio Stations + Right Strategy + Right Message = Successful Radio Campaign.

    Corissa Geer - Star

    Corissa’s passion is helping others find their own path to health and fitness. As a busy mom of 4, she knows how hard it can be to find time to work out, much less how to eat to maximize health. About 3 years ago, Corissa decided that it was time for a change. She was overweight, unhappy with how she looked, and fighting depression. She had enough of feeling like crap. ​That's when she started working out. The more she learned, the better Corissa was able to improve herself. She realized that she wanted to help others accomplish what they think they can’t. ​ To Corissa, being healthy is so much more than looking good in a bathing suit. It's being able to be an amazing parent, spouse, or partner. It's being able to move without pain or discomfort.

    Guy Dark - Instructor & Lip Sync Star

    Guy Dark is the Assistant Program Director and morning co-host on Classic Rock The Bear. A lifelong radio personality, Guy moved to Traverse City in late 2018 after spending 17 years in Appleton-Oshkosh, Wisconsin, where he was a member of the TC Dance Club. He has performed dance routines in cha-cha, rumba, west coast swing, tango, and bolero. Guy enjoys dancing because it combines exercise, music, and the spotlight! 
  • UpBound - RJG

    Upbound at Work connects and supports talented individuals with disabilities, putting them to work in great companies in the Traverse Bay area and across the State.  A job opens doors, offers life-changing impact, and allows people with disabilities to reach their greatest potential. Upbound at Work is powered by the Autism Alliance of Michigan.

    RJG® helps world-class plastic injection molding companies make higher quality parts, while reducing costs. Their award-winning training and cutting-edge technology helps molders become champions in their field, while making the world a safer, cleaner, and more enjoyable place.

    Logan Hunter - Star

    Logan Hunter is a native and graduate of Kalkaska High School, Manufacturing Technology Academy, and a 2018 graduate of Michigan Technological University with a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering. Currently Logan is the sole Design Engineer for Skilled Manufacturing Inc.'s Automotive Division in Traverse City.  Logan enjoys trouble-shooting engineering fixes, as well as diving into many topics of interest in his spare time.  Prior to working with Upbound at Work, Logan wasn't confident that he would find a career track job after graduation, growing up with multiple health issues and disabilities including hearing impairment and autism. Today, Logan is dancing to represent Upbound at Work, challenging himself and the community to be inclusive and to consider unique demonstrations of talents and abilities.  Dancing is exactly the place to consider just how boring life would be if everyone were exactly the same!

    Christie Jenuwine - Instructor

    Christie Jenuwine has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music, Theater, and Dance from the University of Michigan. She has performed on stages across the country and worked teaching yoga, paddle board, and dance in the local community. Christie is currently the Regional Account Coordinator for RJG®, Inc. working in the West Coast and Canada Territories.

    Jacque Gibson - Lip Sync Star and Coach

    Jacque Gibson was born and raised in Southern California. He trained in Jazz with the Palm Springs Dance Company and has performed on stage for College of the Desert, McCullum Theater, as well as concerts, private events, and fashion shows. He has taught dance as an academic elective and as an after-school dance and drill team program for Cahuilla Desert Academy. Since moving to Michigan, he has performed the last 4 years at Bras-for-a-Cause. Jacque loves to participate in anything that helps raise funds and awareness for a good cause!


  • SwingShift and the stars

    Communities In Schools of Northwest Michigan believes that relationships, not programs, change the trajectory of student's lives.  So, we amplify the power of each student's potential by connecting them to caring adults and community resources designed to help them succeed.  We're by their side every day, supporting them in ways that go beyond the classroom.  Whatever it takes, however they need us - we're in schools to keep kids in school.

    Awrey’s Bakery
    For over 110 years, Awrey's has successfully blended the handmade quality and personalized service you have come to expect from your neighborhood baker, with the modern convenience and efficiency of a national contract manufacture bakery. Minnie Marie Bakers Inc. Awrey’s Bakery is one of the largest, privately-owned sweet baked goods producers in the country, serving a variety of customers. From wholesome breakfast treats to delectable snacks and desserts, we produce a wide assortment of product lines to meet the needs of our customers. Awrey also specializes in customized bakery solutions for foodservice and retail applications.

    Joe Short - Star

    Joe Short is the founder and Creative Engineer of Short's Brewing Company. A northern Michigan native, Joe is a proud steward of the chain of lakes and trail systems through his involvement in Paddle Antrim, TART Trails and Glacial Hills organizations. Joe is also involved in community development as a board member of the Bellaire Downtown Development Authority, The Bellaire Economic Development Committee, and Northern Lakes Economic Alliance. With a passion for giving back to his community, building a brighter future, and learning sweet new dance moves, Joe is excited to participate in Swingshift and the Stars supporting Communities in Schools. 

    Jenny Rohlen - Instructor

    Jenny Rohlen was born and raised in Winnetka, IL just north of Chicago. Go Cubs Go! She started ballet when she was 3 years old and has continued to dance in some way ever since. Jenny participated in SwingShift and the Stars in 2012, 2017, and 2018. Jenny is truly excited to be a part of the 2019 season and cannot wait to help raise money for another amazing charity.
  • SwingShift and the stars

    Norte is the Traverse City area's active transportation-centered, youth-focused, neighborhood-based 501c3 advocacy organization. Norte's mission is to help build stronger, better connected and more walk/bike friendly communities by empowering the young and young at heart.

    Independent, happy, confident, ready to learn youth are empowered to be guardians of their health, develop lifelong habits to move more and sit less and be leaders in their neighborhood.

    Norte | Happy. Healthy. Strong.

    Superior is all about your priorities, professional service, a satisfying experience, best value, and your success. We want you to feel at ease when you come to visit us and to feel great about yourself when you leave. Our approach is highly individualized to optimize natural healing and to return you to doing more of what you live for. Our friendly hometown values combined with world-class movement science creates a difference you will notice immediately and will appreciate always. Every day people like you choose Superior to make their life better. It would be our privilege to talk with you about your wants, needs, and questions.

    Andrew & Erin Gorecki - Star and Instructor

    Andrew and Erin Gorecki both met and married on the shores of Lake Superior while attending Northern Michigan University. Erin a native of Marquette, MI and Andrew of Grand Haven, MI are blessed to call Traverse City their home!  They are blessed with three boys, Gibson, Max, and Oliver.  Erin and Andrew are dancing together this year to support Norte because they are all about teaching kids healthy active habits. In the physical therapy profession, they see way too many people that don't move at an early age and suffer the consequences later in life.  They want that trend to change and Norte can do it for our community!

    Ty Schmidt - Lip Sync Star

    A Canadian import from friendly Manitoba, Ty Schmidt came to Traverse City in 2006 by way of Tucson, AZ. Along with his wife, Johanna, a Leelanau County native, Ty founded Norte in 2013 to advocate for more happy, healthy, strong kids, families and neighborhoods. A physical therapist by training and recovering Cat 2 road/elite mountain bike racer, Ty now works full-time at the Norte Clubhouse and rides at kid pace with his two boys, Carter and Jameson. 

    Carey Owens - Lip Sync Coach

    Carrie is always ready to jump in and help wherever needed with SwingShift and the Stars - and is thrilled for the challenge of being a Lip Sync Coach this year!
  • SwingShift and the stars

    Traverse City Christian School is a private learning community serving the children of families in Northern Michigan, as well as international students from around the world. From Preschool to 12th Grade, we are committed to providing an excellent education and instilling in our students a genuine desire to love and serve God. This involves combining a balanced academic, arts and athletics education with Christian study and discipleship, ministry and missions.

    Knorr Marketing is a fully integrated, vertical marketing agency, and the North American leader in marketing Home Furnishing Retailers. Knorr Marketing’s goals have always been to engage with customers in relevant and meaningful ways that result in superior experiences, increased brand awareness, and measurable return on marketing investments.

    Our strategic marketing expertise and use of technology elevates our ability to effectively grow brands. Our team has a proven record of accomplishment in delivering new customers, building a stronger brand position, and driving more traffic consistently to our clients. Over 30-Years of Building Brands, Building Trust, and Building Business!

    Simeon Popa - Star

    Simeon Popa has lived in Traverse City for his entire life and has been attending Traverse City Christian School since he was 5. He has been playing basketball since he was young and lately he has been learning the guitar. Simeon likes to spend time with friends, swimming, disc golfing, or just hanging out and talking. He is really excited for the opportunity to be participating in this year's Swingshift and the Stars.

    Rachel Trim - Instructor

    Rachel Trim is 32 years young, a 5th generation native of Traverse City. She enjoys being outdoors and spending time with family and friends. She loves to dance and you'll mostly find her line dancing in her spare time.

    Phillip Leete - Lip Sync Coach

    Phillip is happy to be coaching a fun group of students for their lip sync this year! He has been an instructor for several years at SwingShift and the Stars!
  • SwingShift and the stars

    The Traverse City Tritons Rowing Team is a not for profit youth sports team based out of Medalie Park in Traverse City. Founded in August of 2017, Tritons partnered with TCAPS Learning, Enrichment and Athletic Program to promote the sport and bring rowing to high school students in our community. Our mission on the Tritons team is to create an environment where our area’s youth has the opportunity to experience the joy and reward of being active and on the water in beautiful Northern Michigan.

    Dennis, Gartland & Niergarth is the region’s largest locally owned CPA, wealth management, and advisory firm. We service all of Northern Michigan and beyond with a depth of expertise and personalized attention. Our professionals work with a diverse group of industries serving our local communities as well as competing globally. Since 1973, we have held the fundamental belief that - our clients’ success is our business.

    Diana Milock - Star

    Having previously owned a home at Schuss Mountain, Diana has lived full time in the area since her husband, Richard's, retirement 18 years ago, and in Traverse City since 2011. She is on the NMC Foundation Board and works in support of several non-profits in Traverse City and Antrim County. Diana has two sons, Christopher who lives in Portland, OR and Rich who moved back to Michigan from Oregon 5 years ago and lives in TC. Diana is excited to participate in another great year in SwingShift and the Stars!

    Christ Bott - Instructor and Lip Sync Star

    Chris Bott began dancing 11 years ago shortly after he moved to Traverse City. Looking for a way to meet people outside of work, he began taking group lessons and discovered a love for ballroom that eventually led to his desire to compete – which is how he met his wife. Throughout his four years of high school, Chris was a passionate and highly competitive rower – a passion that he carried over into his adult life. He is so excited for the opportunity to combine his love of dancing and rowing to help raise awareness and funding for the Traverse City Tritons rowing team! Chris and his wife, Katie, will also be serving as Lip Sync Coaches!